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Each client’s situation is unique and varies in terms of the services and resources required, the time scale and location. Prospective clients will meet members of GHL management and appropriate specialists to fully evaluate their concerns and to discuss, negotiate and agree solutions on a case by case basis.

GHL’s wide range of services includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Threat, security, risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Solutions and counter measures to the problems identified by the assessments
  • Training and advisory services relative to specific situations, for example how to deal with activist groups threatening company products, operations and personnel
  • Design and implementation of electronic counter surveillance policies and systems and counter surveillance training for at risk personnel
  • The provision of armed security trained personnel, where local legislation permits
  • Specifically designed security cover for senior corporate executives on visits to high risk or unstable areas
  • Driver and bodyguard training
  • Acquisition of specialist vehicles and the provision of drivers
  • All aspects of aircraft security and utilisation
  • The provision of permanent security teams for company offices and installations, traveling executives and family homes
  • The recruitment of on-site security managers for industrial groups to manage all aspects of risk, security and contingency planning worldwide
  • The training of company staff in personal security awareness and preventative measures
  • Marine surveys and the provision of maritime security trained personnel to deal with piracy and other maritime threats
  • Assistance with logistics and security requirements when planning conferences and special events.




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